Farming is not just about food. It is about rural communities and the people who live in them. It is about our countryside and its precious natural resources. In all EU Member States, Greece specifically but in your country as well, farmers keep the countryside alive and maintain the rural way of life. If there were no farms or farmers, our hamlets, villages and market towns would be profoundly affected — for the worse.

Farmers in Greece manage the countryside for the benefit of us all. They supply public goods — the most important of which is the good care and maintenance of our soils, our landscapes and our biodiversity. Environmentally sustainable farming, which uses natural resources prudently, is essential for our food production and for our quality of life — today, tomorrow and for future generations.

Peach crop is one of the most dynamic in Greece and Imathia accounts more than30% of Greece's total crop production. Producers organizations and Cooperatives are responsibe not only to standarize, trade and export the fresh produce but to safeguard the sustainable development and protect the good reputation of the product. 

Food safety and quality are therefore key principles of their mission and their vision. And on that end all national and international standards are applied on the entire product cycle.

  • Integrated Management System in accordance with GLOBAL CAP and AGRO (2-1| 2-2 & 2-2/1). An alternative to conventional, environmentally friendly production method, whereby the producer drastically reduces the use of chemical preparations and uncontrolled application of cultivation measures. He is obliged to follow certain rules of production, according to the supervisor Agronomist instructions and keep logs practices implemented in order to ensure consumer health and environmental protection.
  • ISO 22000 - ISO 9001 standards for the standarization and trade of products ensuring treacability, safety and quality on the supply chain.